We run our classes on-demand, 

meaning that if you can dream it, we will make it happen!  

Whether you're interested in bee-keeping, soap-making, backyard chickens, candle-making, raising rabbits, canning, pickling, natural dyes, or any other homesteading or artistic endeavor, Trading Post Farm will find a knowledgeable neighbor to teach a hands-on class. 

Current Community-Driven Classes

Pre-school Pioneers

The first in a series of classes for our youngest homesteaders. Let's teach our children the joy of working with their hands as they dye and felt local sheep wool. We will begin our class on an exploratory walk around the farm where we'll gather plants to use in our home-made dye. We will then return to our one-room schoolhouse to see how the dyes are made before we get messy and soapy making soft wool balls and toys. Loads of stimulating sensory play!  For ages 2-5 but older kids (or siblings) interested in joining are welcome to help the little ones and make a project of their own.

Monday, June 8th 10am-12pm
$20 (which includes the cost of materials)

Host: Amanda Whalen of Milan, NY
Teacher: Rachel Ephraim

Building Bridges

Join together as we spark creativity and team-building through building bridges from foraged materials. Using sticks, wood, straws, grasses and anything else we might find on the farm, let's test our ingenuity in this outdoor, hands-on workshop. Prize goes to the team who builds the bridge that can withstand the most weight!

Saturday, June 11th 10am-12pm
Host: Valerie White of Clermont, NY
Teacher: Adam Kushner

Raising Backyard Chickens

Come to our farm to learn how to raise egg-layers and/or meat birds in your backyard. This one hour class covers the basics of raising up chicks into productive food for your family. 

Tuesday, July 14th 2p-3pm

Host: Liz Raum
Teacher: TBD

Previous Classes and Events (If you see a class you like, let us know and we'll run it again!) 

Creative Writing Summer Camp

Run through Writopia Lab, a non-profit that teaches creative writing to kids 6-18 in age-based workshops, this half-day camp is a great way to find inspiration this summer.  *sliding Scale Fees

August 3rd-7th, 9-12noon, ages 9-12

August 10th-14th, 1-4pm, Teens


Nature's Camouflage 

Enjoy a sensory-based art experience! In this class, you will learn how to create your own pigments from handpicked flowers and local herbs, as well as make paintings from your personal experience with nature. No experience necessary. Ages 10 and up. All materials are provided. Please wear old clothes as some natural paints may stain. Class led by Marney Schorr. 

Art and Environment Camp

This two-week course explores nature through the lens of drawing, sculpture, collage, and site-specific installation. Ages 10 and up. Detailed descriptions of classes day-to-day below. 

Drawing: Geometry of Art and Nature 

How are patterns of nature translated into human structures? We will explore and draw our surroundings in traditional and non-traditional techniques and scale. Students coming both weeks are encouraged to follow changes of a chosen subject or a place and to create a series.

Sculpture and Structure: Find, Gather, Build 

We gather material from the site and together build structures that introduce art into the landscape. We might build a shelter, a curtain of weaved willow branches, or graphics from pine cones….As a group, we will brainstorm concepts and work as a team to realize our ideas. Works are ephemeral and captured in digital photography.

Collage: Nature, Architecture, Design   

We collect elements from the site to create our own collage. Working in teams or individually, we explore how to combine, fasten, and create works of art. Final photography is part of our design.

Sculpture and Place: Explore, Map, Gather, Build 

We spend the first half of the class exploring and mapping the Farm. After walking and gathering natural elements we spend the second half building site-specific piece/s. We photographically record our projects before we return the elements back to nature.


Papier-mâché Installation 

Informed by our surroundings, we use papier-mâché and other papermaking techniques to make two and three-dimensional works. We will install and photograph our works in our outdoor gallery.


Language Play: Storytelling with Kids Ages 2-3 and 4-5

Run through Writopia Lab, a non-profit that teaches creative writing to kids in age-based workshops, this class meets Sundays at Waddle and Swaddle in the village of Rhinebeck

Tie-Dye for Kids using Natural Dyes

Turn an old tee-shirt new again while learning about natural plant dyes that are non-toxic and beautiful.

Family Memoir

Calling all moms, dads, brothers and sisters...tell us your story! In this guided workshop, each member of the family tells his or her own version of a shared experience

Creative Writing Retreat for Adults

The Unknown: Foraging the 
Subconscious through multidisciplinary arts (Adults)

Explore your creative potential through exercises in painting, sculpting, writing, sound, voice, acting, movement and more. Taught by Andres San Millan

Composting 101

Turn your garbage into black gold. We'll touch on worm bins, 18-day composting, "humanure" and the compost toilet, and using the high temperatures of your compost pile to heat your water or your home!


Children's Garden

Let your children unearth their joy for nature as they get their hands dirty in our garden. Kids of all ages learn how to prepare garden beds, plant seeds, and harvest food in this two-hour community dig. Garden treats and ice-cold lemonade will be offered to our littlest farmers.  

Natural Playgrounds

Why and how we build them

Plant Propagation

Learn how to cheaply landscape your home in this crash-course on how to nurture cuttings from the plants you love. 

Art as Meditation for Children 

Discover the joy of finding a special sitting spot; a place on the land that feels right to you and you alone. There you will perfect your powers of observation by noting what you see, hear, smell, and feel. Those observations will become the colors and shapes we use to create large, abstract paintings. Class led by Kerry Pharmer. 

Family Mini Murals

Inspired and guided by Jane Wattenberg's book Henny Penny, we will discuss animals, choices, leadership and our responsibility to the environment. We will use everyday materials found in our communities to turn our ideas into art-making. Workshop participants may show and sell their mini murals to benefit the farming community.  Please bring any spare pennies you have collected. Class led by Marney Schorr.

Retreat Rental

Rent our space for your corporate or educational retreat. Great for inspired meetings, gatherings, or group bonding experiences. Email us for more information.

Studio Rental

Rent our studio space for $25 an hour for personal projects.